The elusive new normal of post-pandemic life is finally coming into focus, at least the office vs. remote part of it.

According to new research from recruitment platform Zippia, 74 percent of U.S. companies are using or planning to implement a permanent hybrid work model – a seismic shift from longstanding on-site policies of decades past.

But as the working world embraces this new standard, employers, particularly those with employees who have not stopped in regularly during the past three years, should remember: your campus is about to be full again! What are you doing to set it up for success?

The Makeup of Your Workforce has Evolved

Consider this: If you’ve only recently updated your policy to mandate in-office work, many of your employees are only now regularly returning to the office. And remember, the makeup of your workforce is likely different from before the pandemic.

Many people retired, others quit for new jobs, and you’ve undoubtedly backfilled some vacancies with fresh faces.

One of the essential things you can do to prepare for the rush? Make sure your wayfinding and policy signage is up to date.

It may seem inconsequential amid the myriad of things to work out. But, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Fostering a positive work environment

Signage and wayfinding are essential in communicating important information and creating a positive work environment. If you haven’t touched yours since 2020, it may be time for an audit, especially if you’ve changed policies or rearranged your space.

Here are some tips for updating your office signage in the new normal:

  • Update your policies: If you have new policies, update your signage to reflect them. For example, if you have introduced a new tracking system to monitor who’s in and out at any given time, put signage near your badge or fob-scanning locations to let your employees know what you want them to do.
  • Promote a positive work environment: Use signage to create a welcoming environment. Consider adding inspirational quotes or images or creating signage highlighting your company culture and values.
  • Make it easy to navigate: This one is obvious but often overlooked important. Use signage to help employees (especially the new ones) navigate your workspace. Think of directional signage, maps, and floor plans as a starting point.
  • Consider accessibility: Make sure your signage is accessible to all employees, including those with disabilities. Use high-contrast colors, large fonts, and braille where appropriate.

Want to get started but not sure where to start? Drop us a line or give us a call. We’re happy to help you think through the details. And after it’s all mapped out, we can manage everything from design to production.