In a previous post about the role of content in digital marketing, we explained how the buying journey has evolved. In short, it’s more complex post-internet because our customers have more options. As a result, it has become harder to grab and keep your audience’s attention.

So, what can you do about it? Consider this: If buyers are driving the bus anyways, wouldn’t it be helpful to clear the road?

Enter buyer-led experiences.

What are buyer-led experiences?

Buyer-led experiences are those that empower buyers while they’re on their journeys. In short, they make it easier for your customers to buy from you.

What do these experiences look like in practice? They’re not necessarily complicated. Some of the most common buyer-led experiences include:

Appointment Scheduling

Something as simple as buyer-driven appointment scheduling counts as a buyer-led experience.

Why is it effective? Ask yourself: ‘How much do I enjoy emailing or texting someone back and forth to set a meeting?’ Not at all? Your customers probably feel the same way.

Scheduling automation tools such as Calendly, for example, eliminate needless banter by putting the power to schedule directly in the hands of your customers.

Visualization Apps

You’ve likely encountered visualization software if you’ve shopped for home goods on any leading e-commerce platform.

These handy tools offer the ability to visualize what certain products may look like in a given space. Think couches, lighting fixtures, carpets, paint colors, etc.


Calculators are commonly found on the websites of loan providers and financial planners, but they can be advantageous in other instances as well.

For example, maybe you’re a flooring distributor that wants to help a potential buyer determine how much flooring to buy based on square footage. Or, perhaps you work for a company that sells nutrition products and want to quantify your products’ value to prospective buyers through some calculation.

Not all experiences will be a fit for your business, but it’s important to note that the above are only a handful of options. There are infinite ways to make the buying journey easier for your customers.

Where do you start? Talk with your customers! If not possible, how about the sales team? It’s a safe bet that they’ll be able to spot pain points.

Have an idea for an experience unique to your business? Let us know if you want help bringing it to life. Our team of designers, developers, and thinkers can create custom solutions or help you integrate off-the-shelf software as needed.