It might be hard to believe that the commercials you see on TV or videos you see on the Internet are often the result of weeks, months, or even years of hard work.

For businesses, video production comes into play for commercials, online ads, social media campaigns, etc. Maybe you’re a local furniture store in need of a television commercial? Or perhaps you’re a political candidate trying to launch a video-based social media campaign?

Enter video production. In short, it is the process of capturing, producing, and publishing video content.

Understanding the Phases of the Video Production Process:

Though video production can come in many forms, there are generally three phases of the process:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production


Pre-production is everything that goes into planning for the actual video shoot. This phase can include the development of the video concept, scriptwriting, casting, scene selection, hiring a video production crew, gathering equipment (cameras, sound equipment, lighting equipment), budgeting, scheduling, and more.


After ironing out the details of the shoot, you are ready for production. It’s time to gather the footage that will make up the finished product, including interviews, staged scenes, and b-roll footage that will fill in the video.

Tip: Now is an opportune time to stretch your marketing dollars by simultaneously shooting still photography for use in other marketing materials.


Post-production is everything that happens after the cameras stop rolling. This portion of the process is where all of the captured footage turns into a cohesive, presentable package. You’ll cut your footage, select your clips, and edit (and edit, and edit) until your video is ready for the masses.

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