The onset and lasting effects of COVID-19 have presented business challenges far and wide. Now more than ever, your business needs practical, versatile, and cost-conscious solutions that get results to meet the demands of the always-on, connected world.

Training and education is no exception.

Modern e-learning platforms, also known as learning management systems (LMS), have evolved in recent years, with benefits that make it possible to scale for businesses of all sizes, even when working in a remote environment.

Some of the benefits of a modern LMS with remote learning capabilities:

  1. More cost-effective than traditional onsite training. One study found that for every dollar spent on e-learning, companies make back $30 in productivity.*
  2. Offers options for bite-sized and self-paced learning, features that are becoming increasingly necessary in an on-the-go, modern workplace, where 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace.**
  3. Result in higher retention rates. Figures from Brandon Hall suggest that eLearning may boost knowledge retention by an impressive 25-60%.*
  4. Gives your company a leg-up. Another study noted that 72% of organizations believed that an LMS gave them a competitive advantage.**

How do you manage and track your training and education initiatives? At Dennison Creative, we tailor-make LMS websites that service thousands of users for large and small organizations. We’d love to do the same for you!

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